Turkey Time! Make Thanksgiving memorable.

We’ve all seen a completely insane Thanksgiving spread on the cover of Martha Stewart magazine at the check stand at the grocery store and have revelled in the idea of perhaps having our own perfect dinner one day. Here are some ideas on how to step up your Thanksgiving game this year!

Pump Up Your Centerpiece
A festive and elaborate centerpiece is always a great decorative feature for any table. Things that add great fall colours and textures to the mix are great! Try something different, like tying a piece of ribbon around the cutlery at each place setting.

Pie anyone?
Nothing says fall like a freshly baked pie! Take it to the next level and have three or four pie or dessert options. Fall inspired desserts are delicious! Try pumpkin cheesecake, apple blackberry pie, but don’t forget about the traditional pumpkin pie.

Give Thanks
When you’re seated for dinner, take a moment before you eat to go around the table and tell each other what you’re thankful for. It can give you some time to appreciate what your guests are thankful for – as well as share you own thanks with the group.

Do you have great Thanksgiving traditions in your home? We’d love to hear them!

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