Top 5 Party Planning Tasks to Assign to your Personal Assistant

5.  Contacting your guests with details of event and managing RSVP list.

Your Personal Assistant can call or email your guests, providing them with full party details and maintaining your RSVP list; ensuring no one is forgotten in the busy lead up to the party.

4.  Shopping for party decorations or guest gifts.

Whatever the theme or purpose of your party, your Personal Assistant can help you plan the décor or just run around picking up your list of desired items.

3. Managing caterer or picking up groceries for the event.

Whether your party is being catered or you are the master chef, save hours of time by  having your Personal Assistant pick up your grocery list for you.  Give her your menu and she can even draft that list for you to expedite the process.

2.  Preparing your house for the event.

Life can get really hectic before a party, don’t waste your time cleaning house or placing decorations.  Your Personal Assistant can coordinate having your home cleaned and decorated.

1. Attending the event to ensure the evening goes smoothly.

Whether you’re hosting your once a year huge family dinner or the soiree of the season, knowing your Personal Assistant is there to ensure the event runs smoothly will allow you to enjoy the night and actually visit with your guests rather than run around minding small tasks.

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