There’s No Place Like Home!


When we make plans to take a much needed vacation, or have to jet away on a business trip, the hardest part can be making arrangements for our beloved pets.  Pet hotels and kennels can be expensive, you still have to drop them off and they aren’t as comfortable as they would be safe at home.  Leave It To Me can provide comfort to your dog or cat (or both) by taking care of them in your own home.  If your best friend needs some TLC while you’re away, we can provide dog walking, light grooming, feeding, watering, playtime and love.  If you have a cat, let us provide light grooming, feeding, watering, playtime and snuggles.  We love animals, and our care extends beyond dogs and cats.  Do you have an iguana?  A guinea pig?  Leave It To Me can make sure they’re well taken care of so you can enjoy your trip and return home to happy, healthy animals!

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