The Thing About Dogs

Walk around almost anywhere in Vancouver and you’ll see a lot of people with a lot of dogs. And who doesn’t love dogs? They’re intelligent, affectionate, playful, and perhaps most importantly, really loyal. That’s because, like the wolves they were bred from, dogs are pack animals and they treat their owners as pack leader. It’s like we’re kings & queens and the dogs are our knights, ready to ride off and slay our dragons, or at least collect our sticks. This loyalty comes with a responsibility. Dogs don’t just like us, they need us. Not just to feed and house them, but also give them things to do. Otherwise, they’re just like knights sitting dejectedly in a castle with their armour rusting.

Of course, the best thing we can do is look after our dog personally, but that isn’t always possible. We have careers to do, people to see, places to visit. Still, even when that happens, we have a responsibility to make certain our dog never feels abandoned or ignored. When someone depends on you and you can’t attend to the person’s needs yourself, you need to delegate. Delegating at work often involves a subordinate employee, but if you’re delegating at home – well, that’s where a personal assistant comes in. Leave It To Me makes sure those you care about, whether two-footed or four-footed, are well looked-after during those times you can’t do it yourself.

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