Leave It To Me is the most miraculous thing since someone combined dark chocolate, sea salt and almonds! Patsy has quickly become indispensable. She is kind, fast, understanding, and comprehensive. There seems to be no task too big nor too small. And for someone like me who is overextended and juggling too many things, being able to text a trusted and intelligent lady to help me get things done is invaluable. Basically, Patsy solves the gap between your intention to do something and actually getting it done.
Tracey, Vancouver


Having Patsy in my life has been such a huge support; knowing I can safely leave things in her care.
She has been there to help our family on numerous occasions in a wide variety of circumstances. I value that she has been there consistently for us, at times on very short notice. To know I can rely on her to provide loving pet care is invaluable. She even will sent photos of my pets while I am away- So sweet! Thank you Patsy I am so grateful for your services I don’t know what I would do without you!
Karen, Dunbar, Vancouver


Have you ever dreamt of having someone in your life who would take care of things when you couldn’t?  Someone who was around only when you really needed her?  Someone who was dependable, trustworthy, resourceful, and thoughtful?  Dream no more … contract Leave It To Me.  We have counted on Patsy for so many things, from dealing with trades people who needed entry to our home during a renovation, to taking shoes in for repair, to arranging for the removal of things we no longer cherished.  All tasks, no matter what we asked, were managed with great aplomb.  We couldn’t manage our hectic lives without Leave It To Me.
Pam Ratner


Patsy Bernstein has been caring for my cherished cat for many years when I am traveling. He is now a senior cat with special needs and it is a tremendous comfort to me to know that Patsy is looking after him. I have complete trust in her judgment and I know she will get in touch with me if needed. She is a pleasure to work with and gives me great peace of mind when I am away. I would highly recommend Patsy with Leave It To Me.
Mary Jordan


Patsy’s services have proven invaluable to our family over the past six years. Knowing that I can put a job in her hands and that it will be taken care of is significant. She is warm, open and honest and 100% reliable. Patsy makes herself accessible via phone, e-mail, and text, a huge bonus for us in this busy day and age
Niki Cumming


Can’t say enough good things about Patsy – she does a fantastic job of looking after our dog and he adores her. She’s very accommodating and utterly dependable. My wife and I travel with total peace of mind knowing that Patsy visits our house daily to check on things. Returning home is always a pleasure knowing that she will have shopped for groceries if requested and made sure that the lights and heat were on. We recommend her highly.
Paul & Claudia.


We are fortunate to have Patsy in our lives. My husband, Rod and I both have busy careers with long days and lot’s of business travel. Patsy makes our place a home by taking care of the day to day errands and comforts of home. We love coming home knowing it has been cared for. Patsy is one of the family!
Linda & Roderick MacKenzie.


Patsy Bernstein has been doing various chores and tasks for me in her capacity as “Leave It To Me” for the past eleven years. We started on a trial basis and she quickly became indispensable to me and other members of my family. Patsy is reliable, honest, kind to all (particularly children and pets), hard-working, loyal and discrete. She has watered plants, delivered my son to dental appointments, walked the dog, taken the dog for grooming and vet visits, read the gas meter and phones in the readings, and shopped for everything from groceries to earthquake supplies- children’s clothing to plants. She can be counted on to check the house as often as I consider necessary when I’m away, to tend to the garden, organizing repairmen and dealing with home maintenance problems. She even organized a complete table service for 8 for a special dinner party – complete with table linens with matching napkins and pots to cook in – to be delivered to an address in Calgary! She remembers everything and keeps accurate records of her time and expenditures on my behalf. She can be counted on in a crisis and has a great head on her shoulders. We leave lot’s to her with complete confidence and will continue to do so.
Elizabeth (mother of three and busy professional).


We count on Patsy Bernstein each time we leave home. She recognizes our practical needs and checks out details that we ourselves have not thought of. Her care of our house and garden, regardless of season, is wonderfully reliable. She is clearly a very practical person on whom we could count on absolutely were there a crisis in our absence. Just as important for us, Patsy is evidently sensitive to our lifestyle and preferences. We come home after weeks away to find plants thriving, the garden in good shape and the house in good order. Last time, arriving home late in the day, we even treated ourselves to her grocery shopping- to which she added some of her own homemade bread, a tasty and very personal welcome. Going away is no longer a worry and is now a simple treat.
Susanna Egan.


The first call I make after my travel arrangements have been finalized is always to Patsy Bernstein at “Leave It To Me”. I have entrusted her time and again with my beloved cat, one of the most precious beings in my life, as well as household and business details always to return home to an animal, a house and a business that are relaxed, happy and seemingly taking care of themselves. Her ability to be discreet, professional and to know exactly what to do in both crisis situations and the day to day running of things is truly her gift. Whether for a weekend or a month, my mind is always at ease when I’m away knowing she’s definitely taking care of business. “Leaving it to Patsy” has always been a blessing in my life.
Angela Hryniuk, accountant, pet & house owner.