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Fall Errands

Life is busy. The list of small tasks we need to get done seems never-ending, and when you’re already dealing with the big things like work, kids, socializing, family and exercise, there doesn’t seem time for the multitude of small tasks that are important, but never seem to get done easily. Tasks such as a […]

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Summer is Winding Down…Time to Get Ready for Fall!

Ahhh August…The later sun rises and the earlier gorgeous sunsets remind us that our days are indeed getting shorter (by 3 minutes per day!) and fall is upon us. Even though you might still be enjoying your summer holidays, we’re always thinking of ways we can help you simplify your life and stick to the things […]

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Have Your Personal Assistant Shop in this Vancouver Rain!

You’re sitting at home or in your office and all you can see is the rain drenching everyone outside. You know that you need to go out to run a few errands but you’re absolutely dreading it. Because rainstorms are frequent in Vancouver in the winter months, Vancouverites are often found rain shopping. With the […]

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