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Buying or Selling a home? Make it easier…Call Leave It To Me!

With a pretty balanced market in Metro Vancouver right now, it’s the perfect time to buy or sell a home.  With making this decision, most of us get an instant headache after the excitement of a new address goes away.  Keep that awesome feeling of excitement alive and let us take care of the details!  […]

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Keeping Your Dog Summer Safe

With summer in full swing and the days heating up, we thought we’d put together a little post on how to keep your best friend comfortable, safe and cool in the summer. Heading out on the water?  Think about your dog too! Most of us take the proper precautions when heading out on a boat […]

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There’s No Place Like Home!

When we make plans to take a much needed vacation, or have to jet away on a business trip, the hardest part can be making arrangements for our beloved pets.  Pet hotels and kennels can be expensive, you still have to drop them off and they aren’t as comfortable as they would be safe at […]

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