Spring errands and busy roads

Errands VancouverHave you noticed how crazy Vancouver’s roads start to get in the spring? Whether it’s construction, tourists, or families getting out of dodge for a holiday, driving to run errands in this town can be one crazy business. And if you have lots of errands to run, you can feel like you’re on the go all the time without achieving very much.

When I run errands for clients, I start by making a list. Florist, tyre store, dry cleaner, grocery store, etc. I make sure all stores are open and even check Google for busy times to work around (Saturday mornings are always best – the earlier, the better). Often I’ll call ahead to make sure the item is ready if I’m collecting – this can make the world of difference. Some stores will go the extra mile and bring the item out to me if I’m really in a rush. This saves me time which helps my clients.

In Vancouver, it also helps to use Google maps for the fastest route. I’ve saved a lot of time and gas avoiding traffic jams, accidents, and heavy rush hours by trusting Google to lead the way. When using Google Maps, you can plot your route and alter if need be, by dragging a point to a different street. Maps will adjust your route and timing. It’ll also display photos of your destination so you can pre-plan parking, making your visit even faster.

If driving isn’t for you, bike! Obviously it’s not possible to run an errand to Coquitlam on a bicycle, but Vancouver’s cycle routes have come a long way in the past few years, and when the sun is shining, it’s utterly beautiful riding around this town, not to mention the fitness benefits for your health.

If you still need help, Leave It To Me. I’m a pro at pet sitting, package mailing, dry cleaning, personal shopping, closet cleaning, room organizing….the list is never ending!

Contact me if you’d like to chat, enjoy spring, and look forward to summer.

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