The Importance of Hiring a Personal Assistant to Watch Your Home in Your Absence

When leaving the rainy Vancouver winter for sunnier climates (or just for business) it is extremely important that you have somebody check on your place while you are away. Having a person Personal Assistant physically check your home will go a long way in deterring would be thieves and ensure your home insurance remains valid (many plans will not cover water damage or fires if a house is left vacant more than 5 days without being checked).  While there are some strategies to guard against would be thieves such as putting your lights on timers to make your house seem lived in, there is no substitute for having someone check your home while you are away.

Hiring a Personal Assistant to regularly check in on your home can help to bring you great peace of mind when you are on vacation or away on business.

A Professional Personal Assistant can:

  • Ensure that your mail does not pile up
  • Make sure that everything in your house is in working order saving you money on costly repairs.
  • Immediately report any water leaks to your insurance company.
  • Ensure that your house is secure and that no suspicious activity has taken place.
  • Get your home ready for you to return back from your vacation unburdened.
  • Shop for groceries before your return.
  • Water those thirsty plants.

Protecting your belongings and making sure that you do not incur any extra costs while you are away from home can be done easily with the help of a Professional Personal Assistant. Rather than take a risk and leave Vancouver for an extended period without someone tending to your home, use caution and protect your assets by hiring a Professional Personal Assistant.


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