Patsy’s a lifesaver – just ask her clients

Patsy's a lifesaver

Patsy Bernstein – your personal assistant in Vancouver

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed, like you can never get ahead or sit back and enjoy a moment because there’s simply too many items on your to-do list? Patsy, and Leave It To Me is here to help. Patsy’s a lifesaver – just ask her clients.

Here’s what she might do in a normal day for her clients. Picking up items from downtown, shopping, dropping a car into a garage, checking in on a pet or a residence, stocking a fridge for when a clients comes home from a business trip or holiday. Whatever needs doing to make life easier, is what Patsy gets done.

“Patsy, you could charge me double and you would still be worth every penny. Thank you for taking care of my house while I was away. You even stocked the fridge so I wouldn’t have to shop after a long flight!”

Patsy is the kind of person you can depend on. A person who will go the extra mile with thought and consideration. She’s reliable, trustworthy and totally professional – it’s in her DNA! Patsy has been taking care of people her entire life. She has an innate knowledge of what people need, born from a love and kindness for people.

So if you need dry cleaning dropped off, grocery shopping done, parcels posted, or events organized for home or work, don’t dismay. Call Patsy – she’ll even walk your dog! References provided on request, or read her testimonials.

Alleviate your stress so you can enjoy your life. Read more about Patsy or Contact us for a chat.

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