New Year’s Party? Plan it like a master

New Year's Eve Party PlanningNeed some help with your New Year’s party so you feel like an event planning master? Whether it’s work or a private function with friends, there are steps you can follow to plan out the big event and make it a rolling success.

1. Write your objective. This may seem a little nerdy but it’ll keep you focused on the experience you and your guests will have.

2. Pick your date(s). Ideally, choose a couple of options so you’re flexible then nail it down. Make sure they don’t conflict with public holidays and check in with your most important guests to ensure there’s no conflict.

3. Plan out the guest list so you have a rough idea of numbers.

4. Take some time. Take a seat with a coffee in hand and think about what you’re planning. I like to put myself in the guest’s shoes and envision their experience from arrival to departure with everything in between. By doing this, you’ll uncover small details to make your event even better. For example, when they arrive, where do they put their coat? How do they get their beverage and if there’s food, is there a spot for them to place their drink while they eat? There are many details that go in to a successful event and often it’s the small things that really make a difference.

5. Set your budget. Create a quick spreadsheet and begin listing out items along with a description and an estimated cost. Once you get going on spending, add another column for actual cost so you can re-use your spreadsheet for future parties. Don’t forget to leave some wiggle room as a contingency.

6. Plan invitations and rsvps. If your event is formal, printed invitations are the norm so make sure you give yourself enough time and budget to mail and receive rsvps (two months is optimal). If your event is less formal, consider online invitations such as Evite or even a small website using software like Weebly to market the event and gather your rsvps.

Once you’ve done all that, you’re ready for party setup. Leave It To Me can help. Take the stress out of party setup by hiring Leave It To Me. We can help you find the venue, order flowers, find the right music option, prepare the menu, find and organize caterers, help with lighting, party games. You name it, we can do it.

Make sure you enjoy the event as much as your guests. You deserve it!


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