Making Time VS Hiring Time

In our busy lives, sometimes finding time is incredibly difficult.  Between families, work and social life, finding time to take care of things like picking up dry-cleaning, scheduling appointments and even walking the dog can be really difficult.  Thankfully, there are ways you can accomplish everything, and still feel like you have time to rest and enjoy the finder things in life.

Making Time

In busy schedules, making time for something that doesn’t seem important, but is an essential task to complete (laundry, dry cleaning, house cleaning, etc.) can be tough.  Especially when you make the time, but get sidetracked by other things, or only complete the task half way.  This can be really stressful, but also cost more in the long run, if it’s taking you away from your career or family.

Hiring Time

There are many time-saving services, such as our own, that are dedicated to giving you the gift of time.  By letting a personal assistant take care of simple, yet time consuming tasks, your time is freed up!  You will also be surprised at the costs.  For example, arranging to have your home cleaned twice per month is extremely affordable.  Hiring a personal assistant to take care of your pets while you are on holidays can be more affordable than sending them to the kennel.  (And more comfortable too!)

Do you lack time to do important things that get shuffled down your to-do lists? What kinds of things are on your list?

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