Make Camping a Stress-Free Trip!

Camping this summer?  Make it a stress-free trip!

If anyone has ever been camping before, you know there’s a lot of preparation that goes into packing, organizing and making sure the essential supplies are put together.  Ever packed up the car and gotten an hour down the road and realized that you forgot bug spray or your favourite fishing hat?  We found this great checklist on Pinterest.  It even has things you need for your dog while on the trip!

We know that putting these things together can be time consuming and tons of work.  We can help!

Your Leave It To Me personal assistant can do all of your grocery shopping, organizing, packing and checklist checking to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.  We can also organize and stock your RV or travel trailer.  Then you can focus on all of the fun and relaxing things you will be doing on your trip!

Happy camping!

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