Life is about to get crazy!

So the kids go back to school next week, we all know what that means; life is going to get crazy again!


From early morning basketball, to tutoring to hockey practice, you are going to be one very busy family. On top of that, we all know how much stress this time of year brings. Before you know it, the cold weather is upon us which means new jackets for the kids. Thanksgiving is coming up-what will you cook for your family? Halloween is around the corner and you’ll be having to decide between making that mermaid costume or going to find that specific cowboy hat. And don’t forget about the holidays-most people are already starting to stress about where they’re going, who they will visit, who they are obligated to buy presents for.


However, you have one weekend left where you don’t have to worry about any of this. Why not take a last minute Summer vacation? Call your Leave It To Me personal assistant and she will help you book those last minute flights, purchase the camping food or plan you a weekend in the city for a fun staycation. And for those families who would love a vacation but aren’t fully ready for the craziness of school starting, give Leave It To Me a list of what you need, and you will come home to a blank list, as well as a tidy house, lunches made and the kids first day of school outfits picked, pressed and laid out.


Why not enjoy the last days of summer? Call your personal assistant and “Leave It To Me”.

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