Life happens – Let us step in when you need someone the most.

There are times where we as humans are tested on our strengths. When a family member or close friend passes away, the aftermath that follows can be exhausting, confusing and sometimes devastating. In these difficult times, we are here to provide thoughtful and caring support to your family when you need it most. Here are some of the ways that your Leave It To Me Personal Assistant can be utilized during difficult times:

•Assisting with funeral arrangements – ordering flowers, arranging food, dealing with funeral homes and arranging appointments.
•Keeping your home safe during the funeral or if you need to travel.
Collecting family members or friends from the airport and helping arrange accommodations.
•Assistance with packing up the items of the family member
•Filing necessary documents, keeping paperwork in order and helping with any required arrangements.

We understand how extremely difficult it can be to lose someone close – which is why we are passionate about providing professional and caring services to lighten your load and let you spend this important time with your loved ones.

Feel free to get in touch for anything you need.

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