Life Getting A Little Busy?

One thing is for certain: busy working professionals in Vancouver do not have a lot of free time. When we focus our attention on our careers and/or families, our other errands fall through the cracks. How often does it seem impossible to find time to pick up the dry-cleaning, drive the dog to the groomers or buy those Mother’s Day gifts? Well with Leave It To Me, you no longer have to find that time.

We know and understand having a busy professional life. We have many clients who we “take care of” on a daily basis. They just give us a detailed (or sometimes vague) account of what they need and then they Leave It To Me!

With new clients we usually start off with a small specific task and within no time we are “running the show”. We will go from driving the pet to the vet, to picking up the dry-cleaning, to making sure the romantic restaurant is booked for your next date. Your Leave It To Me personal assistant will go that extra step to make sure each task, no matter how large or small, is done perfectly and with time to spare. No need to waste time in your busy life when we are here to do it for you.

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