Letting A Person In

It’s really annoying when some part of your house breaks down, whether it’s the washing machine or the pipes or maybe the heating. It’s annoying and inconvenient and the last thing you want is more annoyance and inconvenience heaped on top of it. Unfortunately, even getting it repaired is often frustrating because the person you call in to fix it has their own schedule and is going to be showing up at a time that meets their needs, not yours. It doesn’t matter if you have an appointment or need to be at work, they’ll want you there to open the door at the time that works best for them.

Why add an extra level of frustration to an already frustrating event? If you live in Vancouver, you can call over one of Leave It To Me’s personal assistants to open the door for the service professional and make certain everything is taken care of. We handle the issue and you can go about your business uninterrupted.  That’s what we do – we help take away your frustration.

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