Keeping Your Dog Summer Safe

With summer in full swing and the days heating up, we thought we’d put together a little post on how to keep your best friend comfortable, safe and cool in the summer.

Heading out on the water?  Think about your dog too!

Most of us take the proper precautions when heading out on a boat for the day.  Making sure we have adequate water, flotation devices and shade from the sun.  Doing the same for your dog is just as important.  Make sure you have enough water, shade, a towel and a life preserver for your pup before you head out onto the water.


The signs of heat stroke in dogs are excess drool, vomiting, lack of balance, panting and lethargy.  Dogs like pugs, boxers and bulldogs (with shorter noses) are more prone to suffering from heat stroke.  Keep dogs in the shade with plenty of water and limit time in the sun.  If you think your dog has heat stroke, rush them to the vet immediately.

On The Rocks

Offer your dog ice cubes to chew!  They will love it plus it will keep them cool and hydrated.  Everyone wins!

Avoid the Streets

Hot sidewalks can be extremely painful for your dog to walk on.  The pads on their feet can become prone to blisters and burns.  Instead, stick to walks in the morning or evening, when things have had a chance to cool down!  Your dog will thank you!


We’d love to hear some of your dog stories!  What’s your favourite activity to do with your dog during the summer?  Do you hit the dog beach?  Hang out at your dog park?  Let us know!


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