Keep Your Plants Watered . . . Not Withered

As the weather changes and we head into the summer months, one thing is inevitable: vacations!  Many of us make annual plans to be away from home during the summer, and although we look forward to taking a much needed break, things on the home front still require tending to.

While you are away, Leave It To Me can water your plants and lawn, making sure they stay beautiful and hydrated while you are on vacation.  Even if you have no plans to be away, but require someone to tend to your plants, this is a service your Personal Assistant can offer.

And while the warmth and summer sunshine aren’t here quite yet, the spring is a great time to get your yard and property ready for your plants to bloom!  Your Leave it to Me Personal Assistant can coordinate with a landscaper or gardener to come to your property and do an annual ‘spring clean-up.’

The best part about Leave it to Me’s services is that you can have total peace of mind while you’re away.  And you can bet that your flowers and plants will be healthy and vibrant upon your return.  To schedule our services, please contact Leave it to Me.  Be sure not to leave taking care of your home while you are away out of your exciting travel plans!

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