Keep Your Dog Safe this Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for most people. Even if you’re not dressing up and enjoying the festivities yourself, handing out candy to the little kids who come trick or treating door-to-door is a great tradition that everyone looks forward to. Usually with the Halloween festivities comes firecrackers, fireworks and strangers ringing your doorbell over and over. As we all know, this can make your pets extremely uneasy. As you are preparing for the big night, here are some tips for keeping your pet safe during Halloween:

1. Keep your pet in a comfortable room in your home where they are out of the action. Even if you have to put the television on to muffle some of the noise, these steps will go far in making your furry friend more comfortable.

2. Black cats and dogs are more likely to become targets of abuse on Halloween. It’s an unfortunate statistic, but make sure if you have pets, please make sure you keep them indoors or with you.

3. Think twice before you dress up your pet. Think about how uncomfortable you are wearing a costume – your pet might feel the same way! If you’re going to dress up your pet, make sure the costume is loose enough for them to get free if need be, not too hot and that they aren’t afraid.

4. Keep the treats away. Chocolate and candy can be extremely toxic for pets and quite costly if a vet visit is required!

We wish you and your pets a very happy and healthy Halloween this year!

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