How Your Pet Looks Forward to Walks

It’s important to remember that your dog thinks about walks very differently from how you do.

You may enjoy one or two walks a day – gets you some exercise, quality Vancouver fresh air – but that’s probably enough. You’ve got a lot to keep you occupied and there’s no way you’re going to be out throwing the stick every couple of hours, no matter how much your faithful friend barks. However, there isn’t much else to occupy the dog’s time. When he’s not outside, he’s probably thinking how much fun it would be to be outside right now! It’s a lot higher on his priority list than it is on yours and if he doesn’t get enough of it, he’s going to be antsy, bored, and eventually miserable.

That’s why bringing in a personal assistant from Leave It To Me is a great opportunity for your faithful friend. We can stop by to take him for walks, making certain that he’s doing what he wants while you focus on the work that’s important to you. That’s really what we’re all about. We take away everyone’s stress by giving you more time. Thanks to us, the whole household is happy and no one feels neglected.

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