Leave It To Me Gift Cards

Give the gift of time to people you care about

Leave It To Me Gift Cards

Has your friend or family member recently celebrated a birthday? Do you need original and thoughtful Christmas gifts for clients or  employees? Maybe someone you love is moving and you’d like to help. Give the gift of time with Leave It To Me.

Pricing starts at $110 for 2 hours of Leave It To Me time. You can buy any number of hours you wish by emailing us at leaveittome@telus.net.

Welcome to a world where you have more time to do the things you love and less time worrying about the tasks you dread. Whatever the amount on your card, you’ll be amazed at what we can get done. Here’s some inspiration for you to get excited about.

Need a Personal Assistant at Home? We can:

  • Get all your grocery shopping and Costco runs done.
  • Do daily home check-ins while you’re travelling.
  • Obtain quotes for any household services like tradespeople, plumbing, painting and more.
  • Make your restaurant reservations and appointments.
  • Organize events and celebrations.
  • Source tickets for shows, sporting events and concerts.
  • Organize renovations.
  • Arrange your cleaning services.
  • Drop your car in for winter tires and collect it when ready.
  • Seasonal decorating.
  • Purchase and collect gifts.
  • Drop your car or collect at airport.

Moving? We can:

  • Purchase all you need for packing including boxes, tape, labels and more.
  • Source moving companies for you to choose from and get you booked in for the big move day.
  • Help you pack, organize, clean out, and arrange storage.
  • Help you move in by unpacking boxes, arrange cleaning, and run any errands you need.

Have a Pet? We can:

  • Check in on your cat or small pet while you’re away.
  • Walk your dog in the forest with pick-up and drop-off taken care of.
  • Take him or her to vet and grooming appointments.
  • Buy supplies such as food and grooming tools.
  • Research the right vet or groomer.

Need help caring for your parent(s)? We can:

  • Drive him or her to appointments.
  • Assist with grocery shopping and prescription pick-ups.
  • Arrange for meal deliveries.
  • Check in via phone if needed.
  • Assist while recovering from surgery.

Check out our Services page for more inspiration, or create your own list for us! Need more hours? No problem. Give us a call or email us and we can arrange for a customized gift card.

Redeem your Card

Gift cards are very easy to redeem. Simply email us at leaveittome@telus.net with your gift card number and we’ll arrange to meet with you. You are unique and so are your needs. When we meet, we’ll customize a plan for you according to the time you have and the tasks you need done, giving you an estimate before getting started.

Terms & Conditions of Leave It To Me Gift Cards

Your gift card is issued by Leave It To Me only and is in Canadian currency for the amount identified on the card. Leave It To Me is not responsible for lost or stolen cards and your card cannot be redeemed for cash or for additional gift cards. Leave It To Me makes no warranty regarding the service you may receive when you use this card. Leave It To Me assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage of any type or nature which arises out of using your card and/or the performance of any third party provider. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.