Get 2014 Big Plans Done Early

It’s already 2014, Vancouver, and I bet you have all sorts of plans for this year. You’ll be working, learning, playing, laughing, crying; everything that’s part of being alive. And many of you will be travelling as well. It may be a long trip to France in the summer or maybe just a weekend up at Whistler in the winter, but you’ll still be spending some time away from home and when you do, you’ll need to make certain lots of things are taken care of.

You may be tempted to put off all your planning until the last minute but that’s not a good idea. If the day before you leave, you’re running all over the place, making sure you have everything, something will almost certainly be forgotten. You don’t want to be halfway to your destination before you realize you forgot to lock the door, or assign to someone take your dog for a walk or check in on your mother. Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead, not just about what you need when you head off but also what needs to be done for the people and creatures who rely on you. Think about contacting us at Leave It To Me; your personal assistant can take care of the chores when you’re out unwinding somewhere. Don’t leave it the last minute.

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