Fare finding tips for winter holidays

Fare finding tips for winter holidayNot all of us have huge budgets to throw at our winter holidays and even if we do, it makes sense to be smart about it and get savings where we can. Here are some fare finding tips to keep in mind when searching online.

Google Flights and Kayak are great places to start but there are many resources out there now and each has pros and cons. Some other sites to try:

2. Receive updates

Get yourself on some mailing lists and be the first to know. If you’re thinking of heading south of the equator, Air New Zealand has a good mailing list, along with YVR Deals and Scott’s Cheap Flights.

3. Use Social Media

Facebook and Twitter can be great testing grounds for airlines, which means great deals for you. Keep an eye out for Facebook ads touting cheap fares but do your due diligence to ensure they’re reputable sites.

4. To Cookie or not to cookie

Cookies are snippets of code added to your browser and allow websites to track what you’re doing. This could lead to higher prices because they know you’re motivated, or it could lead to lower prices because they want you converted to a purchase. Try browsing incognito to see if there are differences in the fares.

5. Pick your timing

Perhaps the best fare finding tip is when you book. Mid week, holidays, and weird times of the day can bring your flight price down. For example, travelling on Tuesday at 5 am is probably going to be cheaper than Monday at 9 am with business travellers. If you can travel during school time, you’ll also save. Pick a day/time when others are not travelling.

6. When to book

If you book too early, say a year in advance, you may not notice much of a price drop. Too close to leaving date and you may also get stung as demand may be high. Go for around 4 months for international flights, and two months for domestic flights.

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