De-stress your Christmas by shopping online for cards and gifts

De-stress your Christmas by shopping online for cards and giftsChristmas is supposed to be a time for family, giving, sharing and being thankful. For most of us, it’s decidedly the opposite, filled with expectations, pressure, too much to do, and stress! I can help. Here are some online ideas for cards and gifts so you can relax a little and focus on what’s important this holiday season.

Christmas Cards!

The online card choices these days are endless. Keep it simple and save paper (and time) by sending digital messages to your loved ones, or go the extra mile and still save time by using a print service. will allow you to have your Chrissy card list done in minutes. Choose a design, add your contacts, and presto, one more job off the list. Use if you’re wacky, or for lots of choice.

If you’re more old school and personal, allows you to design your own cards for printing and if you’re super arty, have beautiful scripts to choose from which will be handwritten then posted for you. Now that’s a time saver.

Gift Ideas

Make your life easier with some sites to help you choose thoughtful, interesting gifts.

  • – okay, this is a tad obvious and not exactly Canadian but Amazon has come a long way in recent years and with lots of free shipping options, there’s bound to be something on there for someone you love.
  • – funky Canadiana at its best.
  • – beautiful gifts for kids and grown-ups.
  • – designed in Canada and definitely cool enough for the metro Vancouverite.
  • – free shipping for $35 is pretty good and there’s something for everyone at BestBuy.
  • – not entirely Canadian but the filters allow you to search Canadian artists, and some of the US sellers have reasonable shipping rates to Canada.
  • – Chapters has been much more about books for a while now. Shipping is free for orders over $25.
  • prides itself on promoting local stores, allowing you to browse a wide range of gifts before sending straight from your phone. Don’t know the address? No problem. If you have a phone number or email address, Giftagram will take care of the rest.
  • – this store is lots of fun to visit, but they’ll also ship around Canada if you can’t visit Granville Island.
  • – yes, they’re socks. But they’re awesomely cool, glamorous and comfy socks.
  •  – craft beer tours!
  • – give the gift of goodness by supporting programs that put girls in school, food on plates, income in the hands of families and so much more.
  • – a Vancouver store, Hip Baby prides itself on being one of the best for babies and expectant Moms.
  • – food! And even better than great Canadian food, you get to support their youth program.
  • – you’re Canadian so you’re bound to know someone who loves the outdoors.
  • – toys, socks, kitchen items and more. The Bob Ross self painting mug is a must!
  • – a Vancouver store with a beautiful history. Read their story and browse the gorgeous items on their site.
  • – go vegan or go home. This store is packed with nutritious, vegan products and ships from Ontario.

If none of the above inspire you, how about one of these for a man in your life?

Sweater, watch, movie tickets, cap, music, wine tasting, pub tour, zip lining, snowshoeing, pajamas, scarf, belt, golf lesson, chocolate, fitbit, headphones, smartphone case, wallet, cologne, thermos, beef jerky, coffee maker, robe. See anything? No? Jeez, he is tricky.

And now for the girls. See if something here works:

Foot rub, manicure, jewelry, gloves, a sunrise alarm clock, pub tour, shoes, silk eye mask, slippers, perfume, zip lining, satin pajamas, tote bag, chocolate, polaroid camera, a deep red lipstick, and heck, any of the items in the men’s list also work.

And don’t forget Channukah!

Whether you go all in and shop till you drop, or you decide to give the gift of time instead, here at Leave It To Me, we wish you all the very best for the holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and peace be to all of us.



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