Cool Dog Accessories

We spend a lot of time with some pretty fabulous pooches, and one thing is certain about the 2013 dog.  There’s so much more than just a plain old collar and leash!  Check out some pretty nifty gadgets and products for dogs:

The Handi-Drink  The Handi-Drink is a leak-proof water bottle attached to a small clip-on bowl.  Just squeeze some water in the bowl and voila!  A water bowl!

Doggles This one is kind of funny, but cute.  Doggles are sunglasses for dogs!  They protect dog’s eyes from harmful UV rays.  (And make them look super cool!)

Gourmet Dog Treats With flavours like buffalo and cheese, cheddar cheese omelette and Sunday dinner, what’s not to love?  Find these yummy treats at Barking Babies, a local Vancouver store.

Have you discovered any funky or fancy dog accessories you now can’t live without? Please share them with us!

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