Coming Home to a Fully Stocked Fridge

Ever gone away for a week and come back to realize you have no groceries, it’s late at night and you are too exhausted to make the trek to the store?  We can help!  Planning a vacation or business trip is stressful enough.  Let us take on the home front, and make sure everything is in tip top shape for your return, including a nicely stocked fridge!

While you’re away, we can do daily checks to ensure that your property and home are safe.  We will water your plants to make sure they stay beautiful until your return.  We will feed and walk your pets, including giving your beloved cat some snuggle time!  Leave us a list of groceries you’d like, and we can make sure you have plenty of food upon your arrival home.  Spend your time enjoying your trip, and not stressing about what’s happening at home!

Contact us today for rates and information.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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