Back to school serenity

Back to school serenity tips by Leave it to meWhat an amazing summer we’ve had here in Vancouver this year. It’s so wonderful to see the kids out of their school routines enjoying the sun, sand and all those wonderful summer activities. Every year, parents everywhere start ramping up about now, preparing for that school routine, planning lunches, sports, school volunteer activities – the list goes on. Children need time to prepare too. A new year, a new grade and a new teacher can be pretty daunting. Here are some tips to start the school year on a positive note:

  1. Talk it through. As a parent, you have super powers and in only a few words, your encouragement can make a child feel confident, calm and ready to tackle a new grade. There’s no better parenting moment than letting your child hear the words, “I’m so proud of who you are and I know you’re going to have a great year because you’re smart, you figure things out and you’re totally awesome.”
  2. Work together to plan lunch menus. Make a shopping list then decide on a routine. Kids are more likely to eat their lunch if they’ve helped with the prep. Maybe they make the whole thing, or perhaps they’re in charge of packing snacks while you make a sandwich the night before and keep it in the freezer. A good plan will mean less stress in the mornings and more time to start your day with calm.
  3. Set an after school routine. This is a big one. Many kids have activities after school and sometimes homework can be left too late. Some families make homework a priority straight after school, others allow their children some downtime before tackling their work. Either way, set a time in the evening when all homework should be complete and all devices should be off. This goes for parents too. Set an example by reading, talking or playing a game instead of staring at screens until your brain is too fried for sleep.
  4. Make bedtime serene. Help your child wind down from the day with a quiet and calm routine. Baths, stories or simply chatting together can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep they receive and their state of mind as they drift off.

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