About Patsy

About Patsy Bertstein of Leave it to me“Leave It To Me”, I could say, had its beginnings in my childhood days in Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up there, I’d describe myself as a model mamma’s little helper, and I was never happier than when I was helping others, I simply loved helping people. In this recollection, I see a definite connection between my passion as a young girl and my coming up with the idea of starting a service which I felt was needed in this town and was not adequately being served.

And so in 2005 I started “Leave It To Me”. Initially I was taking care of homes while people were away, visiting the house daily, sometimes twice daily to do whatever was requested of me. Some clients left dogs at home who needed to be fed, walked and loved. Others left cats who needed only to be loved and fed. During the summer I water and take care of gardens, many of which are loved and nurtured in the same way pets are. Some clients, who simply want peace of mind while away, have me visit their home to pick up mail and/or papers, water in-door plants, alternate lights so that the house appears to be lived in. I will also shop for groceries before your return and you will get home to a well lit, warm and stocked house.

As time has passed the services I offer have grown. Although taking care of homes is still a considerable part of my service, I also shop for clients, walk dogs, take care of errands or chores of any kind either personal or small business when you are out of town, or even when you are in town but just too busy to cope on your own!

Essentially, you name the errand or chore and then you “Leave It To Me”. I’d be happy to be of service to you. To sum up what I do, is to say “I will do for you what you don’t have time to do for yourself.”

Patsy Bernstein