10 Tips to prepare your house for winter

Winter house maintenanceMake winter a little easier by protecting your home in the fall months. Here are some steps you can take:

1. As Vancouver’s beautiful trees begin to enter fall, remove all leaves from your gutters to allow proper drainage as the rain comes. Do this multiple times so you don’t get rain building up on the roof or running down the side of the house.

2. Trim any dead tree branches and remove any that are too close to your roof.

3. Seed and aerate or fertilize your lawn.

4. Check your furnace. Does it need cleaning or maintenance? Filter replacement? An annual checkup is highly recommended.

5. Check for leaks in common drafty areas such as window and door frames.

6. After our first big rainfall, check your crawlspace to make sure there’s no leaking or flooding.

7. Check your heating ducts or wall heaters for dust and debris.

8. Take a look at your smoke detectors and ensure you have a fire extinguisher on each floor.

9. Do you have a carbon-monoxide detector? If not, get one or put it on your Christmas list.

10. Disconnect the hoses. Take each hose off, close off the faucets and check there’s no dripping.

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