Grocery shopping and Costco runs
Check-ins on your home while you travel
Platters for your office lunch
Thank you gifts
FedEx, DHL and UPS package collection
Kitty care while you’re away
Pet spa and vet visits
Court filings
Helping organize your move
Organizing service people for home and car
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“Leave It To Me is the most miraculous thing…Patsy has quickly become indispensable. She is kind, fast, and understanding and there seems to be no task too big or too small. For someone like me who is juggling too many things, being able to text a trusted and intelligent lady to help me is invaluable. Patsy solves the gap between your intention to do something and actually getting it done.” Tracey Wade
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I’ve been helping the lovely people of Vancouver for over 12 years. My strength lies in an inherent understanding of my clients and their needs. I began by taking care of homes while people were away, caring for pets, gardens and collecting mail. This has grown into a thriving business which frees up time for my clients, gives them peace of mind, and helps them by allowing me to take care of the things they don’t have the time for.
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